A Telephone Conversation with Marshall Pynkoski

First and most important question, Marshall. How are you and Jeannette dealing with these terribly troubling times? What does a typical day, if there is such a thing for any of us anymore, look like for the two of you?

We’ve worked out a day that’s very predictable, very normal for lack of a better word. We have an enormous amount of work that we have to get through so we’re dealing with that as though we’re in the office even though we’re not there. My day starts very, very early in the morning as it has always done. 4:30 or 5:00 wake-up time. Every day a staff meeting happens at 9:45 that usually lasts half an hour to 45 minutes. Everyone phones in or joins on their computer. I use a land line. It’s amazing, really, because although I’d much rather be reacting with people ...

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